About Us

For success-winning customer relations, loyalty and incentive programmes – backed by the most desirable consumer rewards – few organisations rival Loyal Partners.

Industry consultant and founder of Loyal Partners, Roger Trask, explains; “I’ve operated at the highest level of the rewards and incentives industry for the past 14 years and have provided international campaigns for companies like Sony, Ford, Nestle, VW, Citibank, Samsung, Renault, Telia and Hyundai.

Offering a range of platform solutions, programme design and bespoke travel, leisure and lifestyle rewards I have been able to achieve high levels of success for clients in the fmcg, automotive, financial, electrical, telecommunication and retail sectors; and in market places as diverse as the United States, the UK, central Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Russia.”

Loyal Partners is currently working on major projects for corporates in the UK, Germany and Turkey. Whether it is helping clients to launch customer relations and loyalty programmes; or conducting rewards-based B2B campaigns, our underlying philosophy remains the same.

Everything we do is focussed on maximising customer involvement and satisfaction. Engaging customers is the single most important aspect of every loyalty programme. It stimulates response, enhances customer value and vastly extends the Customer Relations Management benefit.

Our experience has taught us that the way to guarantee this engagement is by creating well structured, relevant programmes that give our clients the capability to know and understand their customers, identify and segment them, so as to communicate with each one in the most effective and profitable manner. Furthermore, we seek to ensure the success of every programme by complementing them with excellent value and exemplary customer service at all levels.

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